Q  My Family member does not have an email address or access to the internet. Who should I contact?

A  Please use the contact page and let us know what area you are in and we shall send you their contact information. 

Family Reunion Location Contacts
Delray Beach – Everlena Seymore
Ft. Lauderdale – Samantha James-Tharp
Gainesville/Alachua – Paulette Barry
Jacksonville – Addie Jordan
St. Petersburg – Hank Brown

(We do not place contact info on website to avoid spam).

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Q   How do I setup my family photo album?

A   You may not set up your own family photo album.  Send an email with the name you would like for your family photo album to Info@CJBFamilyUnited.com and a photo album will be set up for you.   (Please do not send any photos in thumbnail size).

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What is a Hometown Reunion Location?

A  One of Five central locations in Florida (Delray Beach, St Petersburg, Jacksonville, Gainesville, Ft. Lauderdale) responsibe for organizing and managing an annual Family reunion. Family members designated as a member of a particular location will work with Location Contact on reunion projects. Although Locations are usually assigned based on residency, a family member may request assignment to a particular location. This usually is the case for out of state family members. In addition Location contacts will ensure that family members assigned to their section receive family information and will coordinate fund raisers within their location. Hopefully this will help to get information to you in a faster manner and help to reduce our cost.

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Q  Can I volunteer to help with the reunion planning?

A   Absolutely! Please us the above contact form and well will send the contact information for the reunion chair and they will contact you.  (We do not place contact info on website to avoid spam).

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Q   Can I transfer my reunion registration and payment credits to another family member?

A   To transfer a family reunion registration and payment credit, go to the Contact Us tab and provide:
the name attached to the registration
confirmation of payment
Name and contact information to whom you would like to transfer your credit.
Any money transfers will need to be taken care of between the current registrant and the transferee. Keep in mind, if you have made a hotel reservation and need to make any cancellations or revisions, you will have to contact the hotel directly.

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Q  How do I add a tribute, obituary or photo on the “Memorial” page?

Go to the Memorial page find the person you wish to add a Tribute for and you can place it via the Guest post.  You will have to register to post.

To Add an obituary or photo – You can Email a copy of the obituary and/or picture to: Info@CJBFamilyUnited.COM.  You can also upload via the website on the Memorial page by clicking Add Memorial.                             

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