Photo Albums

Grandma Penny James (Campbell)In Memory of Elouise (Penny) Campbell-James
Let us not forget the beginning of this wonderful tradition

Photo Uploads
If you have photos you’d like to add to a specific year or want to add your immediate family album please upload via Contact Us page and it will be set it up for you.  Please give as much detail as you like.  Also, you may send your photos or CD’s to be uploaded to Samantha James-Tharp @5610 NW North Crisona Circle, Port Saint Lucie, FL. Thank you.

Using digital photos from a digital camera:

With photos please do not send thumbnail size photos.  All photos can be shrunk to the appropriate size once received.   A moderate size to large size image will help with quality and will not loose quality when resized. 
1985 Family Reunion- Fort Lauderdale, FL1986 Family Reunion Pictures
1998 Family Reunion- Fort Lauderdale, FL1999 Family Reunion-Jacksonville, FL
2008 Family Reunion-Jacksonville, FL2009 Family Reunion- Bradenton, FL
2014 Family Reunion-Daytona Beach, FL